(Served 11am-2:30pm)

Salad, Soup, Sliders

Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese 14

Chicken Salad, on Toasted Buttermilk Bread or Crisp Greens, Celery, Onion, Red Pepper, Pickled Fennel

Oklahoma Sliders (4), Beef, Fried Onion, American Cheese, Hawaiian Roll 13

Caesar Salad, Romaine, Pecorino, Caesar Dressing, Seasoned Bread Crumb 12 add Chix 7…add Shrimp 9…add 8 oz Salmon 11

Arugula Salad, Pecorino, Shaved Red Onion, Orange Filet, Mustard Vinaigrette 12

Crostini, Pepperonata, Chevre 12

Crostini, Seared Tomato, Burrata, EVOO 14

Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Calabrian Chili Sauce 12

The Burger Lab & More 16 ea. (Jenifer St. Market Beef)

Comes with Fries or Arugula Salad

The DairyLand Bliss Burger, Double Smash Burger, Griddled Onion, American Cheese, Wisco Sauce, Pickles

The Patty Melt, Beef, Fried Onions, Swiss Cheese, Mayo & Dijon, Pickles on buttermilk

The Hoosker Bleu, Bleu Cheese, Roasted Bacon, Shaved Raw Onion

The Old Fashioned, Korbel Caramelized Onions, Sharp White Cheddar

The Wisco American, American Cheese, Wisco Sauce, Iceberg for Crunch
Grilled Chicken, Pepper Relish, Chevre

Our BBLT, Roasted Bacon, Burrata Cheese, Lettuce, Roasted Tomato, Kewpie Mayo

The Farmers Market, Fried Local Egg, Roasted Bacon, American Cheese on an Everything Bagel (chef’s favorite)


Roasted Salmon, Pepperonata, Chevre 23*

Steak Frites, Grilled NY Strip, Pecorino Fries 33*

*Please notify your server of any allergies, *consuming undercooked seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

No Substitutions Please.